Monday, September 24, 2012

Lana Del Rey Releases Information on Born To Die: The Paradise Edition

I first discovered Lana Del Rey earlier this year, when I stumbled across "Born To Die" and "Video Games." Ever since then, I've been a major fan of her. This being said, I've obviously been extremely excited for the arrival of her upcoming re-release of her debut album as Born To Die: The Paradise Edition, and today, news on the album totally exploded.

Del Rey released a video on YouTube, with samples of eight songs, titled "Ride," "Pussy," "American," "Gods & Monsters," "Body Electric," "Blue Velvet," "Bel Air," and "Yayo." A song called "Burning Desire" also leaked today, and the full version of "Blue Velvet" has been out for a while.

She also released the cover of the album, which I would like to focus on for a minute. I think the concept is absolutely amazing. The cover, which dons the same font as the original album, but it is highlighted in gold, features Del Rey in a low-cut top or swimsuit in front of palm trees and a pool. In my mind, it is supposed to be a ying and yang concept with the original cover. In the original Born To Die cover, she is wearing a collared, buttoned-up white shirt, and looks very conservative and serious. In this cover, Del Rey is more provocative and less serious.

After all of these samples and cover were released, the complete version of "Ride" was a released. From that song, along with "Blue Velvet" and samples of the rest of the songs, I can tell that Born To Die: The Paradise Edition is definitely going to meet my expectations. The song I'm most eager to hear is "Body Electric," which I loved the live version of, and I have been begging for a studio version for a while now.

On the downside, I have read that Lana Del Rey has considered quitting her music career after this next release to peruse a career in the movie industry. Yet, I did read that someone very near to her has said that she is in fact working on a second full LP. I'm hoping that the latter is true, because if she stopped singing, I would be devastated.

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