Friday, April 19, 2013

Come & Get It | Selena Gomez

Rating:  ★★★★★

After long streak of radio airplay with "Love You Like A Love Song," Selena Gomez is back with another song that is sure meet great success, but this time has dropped 'The Scene' and decided to venture out on a solo career.

"Come & Get It" completely caught me off guard, to be honest. I'd been on vacation all week before the release and just as I got home, this song pretty much exploded in my face when I logged onto the Internet for the first time in a few days.

I've never been a massive fan of Gomez. I loved "Love You Like A Love Song," and I own When The Sun Goes Down, but I've always been a casual fan. However, for some reason, "Come & Get It" made me fan-girl over Gomez. The sound is just so unique, especially for an artist that is trying to please a pop music audience.

To say the least, I'm very impressed with the song. I always enjoy when an artist goes outside their element, and Gomez definitely did that with "Come & Get It." The song pulls strong influences from dubstep, electronic dance, and Bollywood production styles, and this combination, which sounds quite odd and unheard of, works extremely well. The traditional Indian Bollywood instruments and male backing vocals fit perfectly with the modern electronic instruments used in the song.

Many artists have dabbled with dubstep recently, including Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift, and I am completely loving it. Dubstep on its own really isn't the best sounding, but when it is paired with influences of pop music and a great artist singing over it, it gets so much better. The marriage of dubstep and pop has to be one of the happiest marriages in the music industry. This song takes this bond to a new extreme, by adding the Bollywood influences to the mix, making an even better blend of styles.

After the release of the song, Gomez has been going to different television shows and appearances to perform the song, as every artist with new work out usually does. However, she has been receiving massive amounts of hate from people all over YouTube for her live renditions of "Come & Get It" and I just don't understand why. (Of course, I shouldn't even bring up this problem because most of her hate is coming from YouTube users with names like "JustinBieber4Ever" and "~BeibsGirl~," so a lot of the hate is probably coming from Bieber fans that are mad at her for breaking up with the eight year old that thinks he's a gangster.)

I've watched all of the live performances to this song, and I can say that they aren't as bad as people make them out to be. Are they completely perfect? No, but they are far from terrible. I think a lot of Gomez's problem while singing this song live is just out of nervousness. The majority of the notes are there, with only a few of them being noticeably flat. The real problem lays in her volume; viewers can tell that she's nervous, and so she backs way off on the volume, making her look really timid, and the constant hate from people is not helping. Gomez is doing a pretty average job on live performance, and I've got her back in the argument. Sure, she could work on few things, but at least she's got the guts to actually sing live instead of lip-syncing, unlike a lot of the pop stars out there nowadays (I'm looking at you, Britney). 

Yes, I gave "Come & Get It" five stars. Why, you may ask? Because it sounds different; it's a song that should do great on the charts, but doesn't sound like everything else on the charts. Gomez is the best star to rise from Disney Channel fame, and I'm glad to see her release such great material, and I will picking up her new album when it does drop later this year.

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