Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Made in the USA | Demi Lovato

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Demi Lovato is back to promoting her album DEMI, this time with a second single called "Made in the USA." When I reviewed the album, I didn't get too in-depth with this song, so I thought I might as well touch on it now.

The song is titled "Made in the USA," yet it has absolutely nothing to do with the country. Instead, it's about how much how much she loves her boyfriend and how strong their bond is. The only line of lyrics that reference the United States is, "No matter what the people say / I know that we'll never break / 'Cause our love was made / Made in the USA." So, unless the lyrics act as a metaphor signifying that American products are of better quality that foriegn-made products, the song wasn't really named appropriately. (Just wait... Employees from Walmart will make a song called "Made in China.")

"Made in the USA" is a really safe single choice for Lovato. It has the radio-friendly lyrics and average production to easily become a radio hit. As I said in my review of DEMI, the album isn't that super as a whole, but if Lovato and her record label choose singles carefully, this could still be a really successful era for her. I guess "Made in the USA" is okay, but I will still continue to pray that "Neon Lights" is promoted to single-status.

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