Thursday, August 8, 2013

Electra Heart | Marina and the Diamonds

*This song hasn't recieved any official release, nor an official cover, so I have used a fan-made cover from Coverlandia for this review.

Rating: ★★★★★

Exactly two years after it began, Marina Diamandis ended the Electra Heart era with one last video featuring a demo with the same name as the album.

Throughout the era, Diamandis released a total of eleven videos in a series, each featuring a separate recorded or released during the Electra Heart era. Most of the songs were already featured on the album, while a few, like "E.V.O.L." and "Electra Heart," were never released on the album.

In the videos, Diamandis used an alter ego by the name of Electra, and in the very last video, Diamandis effectively cut ties with character once and for all. The signification of the death of Electra? Smearing off the fake, heart-shaped mole that was painted on Electra's face during the entire era. 

The video was a great ending to the era, but song was even better. I love both The Family Jewels and Electra Heart, but this track makes the rest of Diamandis' discography look like child's play. 

"Electra Heart" is heavy in electronic dance influences with a riveting breakdown after the chorus. The lyrics of the song work amazingly for the end of an era, too. She sings, "Lights, they blind me / Could we go back, go back to the start?" and "At the alter, would you pay the price?" and in essence, asks fans if the era was worth their time.

Why "Electra Heart" wasn't included on the album that bares the same name, I don't know. The song is a great ending to the era, but it also would have been amazing to end the album track listing. This is, hands down, my favorite Marina and the Diamonds song, and I really hope that her next album grabs a hold of the sound of "Electra Heart."

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