Sunday, October 27, 2013

Venus | Lady Gaga

Rating: ★★★★★

Lady Gaga's new album is only two weeks away, yet the ARTPOP hype machine is just warming up. Last week, "Do What U Want" was unleashed as a promotional single and quickly was promoted to the second official single for the album, while the official release of "Venus" is just a few hours away.

"Venus," which was supposed to take the spot as the second single, was released for streaming on YouTube early this morning after multiple tweets from Gaga that spilled lines of lyrics and the three alternative covers to the single (two of which are most definitely NSFW). In all of the tweets promoting "Venus," Gaga repeated the name of the song's producer: Lady Gaga.

It's not often that you hear of a pop artist that writes his or her own music, let alone taking the time and energy to produce it by themselves. And for this being Gaga's first time riding solo behind the soundboard (She was, however, a co-producer of every track on Born This Way,) the song turned out extraordinarily well. 

The chorus of "Venus" is like no other, especially when it is expanded in the second and third repetitions. Gaga sings, "When you touch me, I die / Just a little inside" and "Cause you're out of this world / Galaxy, space, and time" before sprawling into a vocal run of "I wonder if this could be love / This could be love / Goddess of love." Meanwhile, a heavy electronic track bumps underneath her vocals that is nearly indescribable.

The bridge of the song mindlessly names off the planets of the solar system (plus Pluto, which isn't a planet anymore, Gaga!), but does serve up an immature yet inevitable Uranus joke: "Uranus / Don't you know my ass is famous?" Personally, I like the addition, but that may due to my slight affinity for vulgar humor.

I know I keep saying this with every ARTPOP song, but this is my new favorite song from the album thus far. From "Aura" to "Applause" to "Do What U Want" to "Venus," the songs just keep getting better and better, and if this pattern happens to continue, ARTPOP may just live up to that "Album of the Millennium" statement that Gaga made on Twitter a week or so ago.

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