Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brain | Banks


Many music journalists have noted Banks as an exciting upcoming sound of 2014 and she has started her year off strong already by releasing "Brain," a new digital single.

In my review of her London EP, I noted that I wanted Banks to travel towards the sound of "Waiting Game" and "This Is What It Feels Like" in future releases. Luckily, that's exactly what she did with "Brain." The dreary, underground sound that I loved is back with this song.

Banks' voice in the song is smooth and seductive until the 2:07 mark, when she starts to scream the lyrics to emphasize her point: "But it’s all the same / Like I had foreseen / That you would act like you are / Oh so cool you seem / Blending with that scene / Wearing what you think is hard." From what I've gathered, the song is pleading someone to use their brain to think rather than conforming to somebody else's views, which becomes quite evident with the lyrics "Trying to look smart / But not too smart to threaten anything they say."

Strangely enough, this track is almost five minutes long, but only have two stanzas of lyrics, each of them being repeated once. Until I saw the lyrics spelled out on a web page, I didn't even realize it because the song is simply so captivating. If the lyrics were bad, maybe I'd have a problem, but luckily the lyrics are well-written. Plus, the dynamic level changes so much between the first and second halves of the song that they feel like completely different lyrics anyway.

Simply put, "Brain" has just upped my excitement level for Banks' impending debut album even more and I think we can all expect a lot from this girl. A lot of dark, smoky sounds like the ones found throughout the London EP and "Brain" would really be appreciated and I have no doubt that Banks will deliver when the time comes.

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