Sunday, January 26, 2014

Once Upon A Dream | Lana Del Rey


Amid the Grammy Awards Ceremony tonight, Lana Del Rey premiered her rendition of "Once Upon A Dream" for the upcoming movie Disney movie Maleficent in a commercial for the film. Just as expected, the rendition was beautiful and fits Lana Del Rey's sadcore sound perfectly.

The song is a dreary but dreamy rendition to the original Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. I love that the song met in a middle ground between the carefree, happy sound of Disney, but also drew back towards Del Rey's darker sound. It's a weird combination, but it works so well.

Del Rey's voice was also edited to sound as if she was singing through an aged microphone, making the song sound authentic to the original 1959 film. The same sort of technique was used in Del Rey's cover of "Blue Velvet" to give the song a bit of texture, with outstanding results, of course. Del Rey was using a quieter tone, so the song managed to sound like a dark lullaby; I loved it.

News sources, including Daily Mail, have reported that Lana Del Rey was actually "hand-picked" by Angelina Jolie, who stars as the main character in Maleficent, to sing "Once Upon A Dream." It's obvious that she made the right choice, as the song fits Del Rey's voice perfectly and really did her best to make the song her own. Make sure to check it out; I'm sure others will be as impressed as I was.

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