Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life Round Here | Ellie Goulding feat. Angel Haze


Earlier today, Ellie Goulding took to her Twitter page to announce and release a collaboration with underground rapper Angel Haze. Together, the two made a cover of James Blake's "Life Round Here."

The cover is super-chill and brings something to the table that we don't hear often in the forefront: Ellie Goulding's lower register. Most of her songs rely on her beautiful, airy upper-register, but "Life Round Here" reveals her equally-beautiful, smoky lower notes. 

Angel Haze takes up a special verse in the last minute, and although I've never really followed Haze, she sounds alright on the track. Of course, anything's better than that Tinie Tempah bit that Goulding let on her cover of Active Child's "Hanging On."

Not a very long review, but I more or less just posted this to help spread the word of this great cover; be sure to check it out! I was definitely surprised by Goulding's rarely-heard lower register and I'm sure this song will be on repeat for a long while.

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