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Spring Albums to Watch For In 2014

I feel like 2014 is going to be a great year for music. Debuts from indie artists like Azealia Banks, Foxes, Banks, and Karmin, and new material from Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Foster the People, and Tony Bennett. Of course, some of those haven't been completely confirmed yet, but I have created a list of those albums that have already been confirmed by artists and record labels to look forward to this spring. I will create a new list later on for summer albums that will be coming soon enough!

Glorious | Foxes (May 9)
Sadly, this is an album that has already had its release date pushed back once (from March 3 to May 9) and I don't think I can wait much longer for it. Foxes first caught my heart in Zedd's "Clarity" and my love has only grown from there thanks to her great solo work like "Youth" and "Let Go For Tonight." With her great indie pop sound, I'm sure I will love this album when it is finally released. It's going to be absolutely glorious.

Supermodel | Foster The People (March 18)
Foster The People caught the attention of radio listeners a few years back with "Pumped Up Kicks." Torches was a pretty good debut album, and I can already hear improvement in the band in their new indie rock single "Coming of Age." The cover of the album is a cool little mosaic; much different from the strange cartoon monsters on the cover of Torches. I'm definitely excited to see what the band is planning of their big comeback.

Shakira | Shakira (March 25)
The Queen of Latin American Music is back, this time following the trend of eponymous titles for albums. (Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Beyoncé, DEMI... The list goes on and on.) The album was proceeded by the ultra-catchy "Can't Remember To Forget You," complete with a sexy music video featuring Rihanna. With rumored writing and production collaborations with Fernando Garibay and Sia Furler, I'm sure Sharkira will be coming back better than ever.

Head or Heart | Christina Perri (April 1)
Christina Perri found herself in a great place a few years ago with the release of "Jar of Hearts" and "A Thousand Years," but has maintained a very low-key image. Perri quietly released "Human" as the first single from Head or Heart and debuted a slightly new image, complete with a new brunette hair color. She has kept this album campaign so quiet, in fact, that I didn't even know the little gem "Human" was even out until a few days ago.

Pulses | Karmin (March 25)
Like Foxes' Glorious, Karmin's debut album has seen delays in release for a while. They were able to drop a quick EP featuring their breakthrough single "Brokenhearted" before slightly changing their image to a crisp, clean, modern look. It's kind of refreshing. I loved the sound of "Acapella," the lead single to Pulses, even though there's an annoying typo in the title (it's a cappella, people). "I Want It All" is pretty good, as well!

Cheek to Cheek | Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga (March 18?)
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were automatically a match made in Heaven in their cover of "The Lady Is A Tramp." In fact, they blended so well that they decided to create a whole album of jazz bits under a collaborative effort. The album release date changes in each interview with Bennett, and Gaga has been completely mute on the subject for a while, but I still cannot contain my excitement!

Ultraviolence | Lana Del Rey (May 1?)
After feeling discouraged about the music industry for a while due to criticism of her performing abilities during the campaign for her debut album Born To Die, Lana Del Rey finally announced she would return to the scene with her next record, Ultraviolence. Rumor has it that Emile Haynie, Rick Nowels, and Dan Heath are all working with her on the album; they have all worked to create masterpieces with Del Rey before.

Broke With Expensive Taste | Azealia Banks (March?)
Alright, so this is an album we may never get. Azealia Banks captivated me with her club beats in her 1991 extended play, but has failed to deliver her debut album yet. However, it isn't her fault this time around; her label rejected two tracks off of the final copy she sent in. Once she can get things handled, I'm sure she'll be out and coming for blood.

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  1. It's about freaking time we got Cheek to Cheek. :P They need to hurry up; I'm so curious about it!


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