Monday, March 31, 2014

Broods EP | Broods


New Zealand is becoming quite famous for exporting its talented natives: First it was Kimbra, who stormed into the United States on "Somebody I Used To Know" with Goyte, then it was Lorde, who took the entire world by storm by simply releasing an EP on SoundCloud, and now it is the brother-sister duo of Broods who has come to the party with a self-titled EP.

The first song on the extended play, "Never Gonna Change," introduces listeners to a dreary, electronic sound, that can only be compared to the sound of American artist Banks. However, the lead singer of Broods, Georgia Nott, holds a lighter-toned voice. "Pretty Thing" implements an Ellie Goulding style of choppy vocal bits to create cool sound effects and harmonies; I like it.

"Bridges" has been playing frequently on Sirius XM station Alt Nation, which is where I first heard it. In this song, Georgia gets to put that light tone without needing to try sound too smokey as she gets to shine through an ironically buoyant chorus. It may carry a light sound, but is also burdened with lyrics regarding a rocky relationship: "And we're burning all the bridges now / Watching it go up in flames / And then we'd build it up again."

The Broods EP contains the perfect score for a restless night after waking from a nightmare. In "Sleep Baby Sleep," Georgia sings, "Sleep baby sleep / What are you waiting for? / The morning's on its way / You know it's only just a dream / Oh, sleep baby sleep / I lie next to you / The beauty of this mess is that it brings me close to you."

We get to hear more from Georgia's brother Caleb (the other half of Broods) in "Taking You There," which combines edited vocals with a light guitar instrumentation. In the song, Caleb sings more backing vocals than usual. "Coattails" follows "Taking You There" as the finale of the extending play. The song brings the album back to a sound similar to that found in "Bridges," which is definitely not a displeasure by any means.

Broods has just recently made their debut in the United States after the critical and commercial success in Australia and their homeland of New Zealand. I didn't know how I was going to react to this group, but I ended up loving the Broods EP; it deserves no less than four-and-a-half out of five stars. I highly suggest people check out this extended play, which can be listened to for free on SoundCloud on Broods' official account.

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