Sunday, December 18, 2016

Matter | St. Lucia

Imagine the island of St. Lucia. The term evokes the mental image of a luscious Caribbean island, encompassed by deep green and blue tones that are rendered oversaturated in photographs from the bright sun above. Its sticky climate isn't bothered by the coastal breeze that sweeps across it. The illustrated cover art for Matter, the sophomore release from the band named after the popular tropical destination, doesn't imply that the album's 11 tracks mimic the island's characteristics, but let us not forget that looks are deceiving.

Frantically dancing through its 53-minute run time, the album doesn't feel the need to stop to catch its breath. St. Lucia's lustrous brand of sunny, bright synthpop is hyperactive, but never enough to blow off their music's humid '80s undertones. Blasting spurs of paralleled guitars and synths are the name of the game here, paired with vocal filters and delivery that come eerily close to Phil Collins. If you can keep up with its back-breaking pace, the album is all but a warm, memorable glow by its close – and if you can't, you'll be left behind by the second track.

Matter is available now under Columbia Records.

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